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Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh award is for young people aged 14 and above and is a youth achievement award designed to give young people the opportunity to become the best they can be. HAFWAY support young people through all 3 levels of the award; bronze, silver and gold. Each level of the award consists of 4 elements which become more demanding as you progress through the levels. These elements are volunteering, physical, skill and expedition. At HAFWAY we aim to keep our DofE groups small to ensure the young people get the most out of their award.

This July 7 HAFWAY young people completed their Gold expedition canoeing all 60miles of the Caledonian canal in Scotland. This was a huge achievement for these young people not least because they were all inexperienced paddlers before they started training for their expeditions. These young people displayed determination, team work and resilience as they battled through wind, rain, waves and blisters. The distance travelled by these young people has been momentous, not just in the miles they covered but also in the invaluable skills, confidence and character they have developed and honed. 

If you are interested in undertaking your Duke of Edinburgh award with HAFWAY or for more information please contact us.



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