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Our Impact

There is no better way to communicate the impact of our work than by sharing with you what our young people think about HAFWAY...

"At HAFWAY we are a family, a group of friends that go on adventures, take part in fun activities and learn life changing skills."

"HAFWAY provided me with a safe place to be myself and it allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the community and the affect I can make."

"HAFWAY has made me the person I am today. They have given me so many role models and provided me with so many skills, making me confident to go out into the world."

"HAFWAY is important to me because they give us opportunities that we wouldn't be able to have without them. They help us to be confident, independent young people." 

"HAFWAY has given me so many amazing opportunities which have helped me  gain so many skills and helped me become a way more confident and social person."

"Whenever I feel as if there is no-one to speak to I know that HAFWAY is always going to be there for me and they will give me advice and support me."

"HAFWAY is a place we come to get help with all the problems we face whether money, family or friendships. They are always here for us. HAFWAY is a second home to us, a place that we can come to escape the reality of what is outside the two big red doors of club (our building)." 

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