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Life Skills

Our Life Skills programme (Passport To Life) has become a large focus of our work over the past couple of years as we have sought to more closely address the needs of the young people we are working with. We have identified that many of our young people need extra support and help in developing the necessary physical, social, emotional and practical skills to help them transition successfully into adulthood. 

Passport To Life is made up of 4 key elements - Independent Living, Dreams and Ambitions, Citizenship and Health & Wellbeing. There are 3 levels for each element which young people progress into as they journey through the programme. Passport to Life is tailored to meet the individual needs of each young person with personal goals and targets used to measure their progress and help them discover their unique identity, purpose and potential. Young people are mentored throughout the programme and we are currently developing a Passport To Life handbook and journal as a visual aid to help the young people plan, evaluate and track their journey into adulthood. 

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