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Who We Are

HAFWAY was established in 1998 in response to a need for youth work provision in the area of Halliwell. Since then HAFWAY has grown and developed with the needs of the community and became a registered charity in 2010. With over 200 young people currently accessing the provision of HAFWAY each year it has become a vital resource for young people within the community. 
HAFWAY is run by 1 full time JNC qualified youth worker; Moira Frew - Lead Community Youth Worker and 3 part time youth workers; Esther Peggs - JNC qualified Community Youth Worker, Becky Fraser - Community Youth Worker and Charlie Ashworth - Community Youth Worker. They are ably supported by a strong team of volunteers and a committed board of trustees.
HAFWAY has a Christian ethos with much of its initial support and input coming from the local Christian community. We continue to operate with Christian love in action being the motivator for what we do. We pride ourselves on our acceptance of all young people regardless of their religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender or social and economic standing and we are committed to walking alongside young people as they discover their identity and find their place in the world. 

Our Values

Acceptance ~ Compassion ~ Encouragement

Faithfulness ~ Forgiveness ~ Friendship ~ Fun 

Generosity ~ Honesty ~ Integrity ~ Love 

Respect ~ Service ~ Trust 

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