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Open-Access Sessions

Our open access sessions are aimed at young people aged 11 and above and currently run on Mondays and Fridays every week. 


Our Monday night session is a sports based session at Brownlow Fold Community Centre where young people come and join in playing a range of sports including football, badminton, table tennis and volleyball as well as playing card games such as uno and enjoying free toast! We run this session in partnership with Bolton Wanderers Community Trust.

Our Friday night session is very different and has become known as 'family fun night' not because you bring your family along but because we create a family environment where we cook a big meal together (young people included) and then sit around a big table and eat together and then we do different activities such as playing games, doing challenges, having a quiz, competing in a Bake-off etc. This session is always lots of fun and it is amazing to see young people of all ages, from different ethnicities and backgrounds coming together and being 'family' together. 

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